The weather forecast predicts sunny weather, ~17°.
Nevertheless, warm clothing and sun-cream are HIGHLY recommended.
Participants going to Aigulle du Midi: going outside the chalet -once on the peak- means 0° temperatures and wind.
In this case the **HIGHLY elevates to **MANDATORY!

18.10.2017, 11:39

Prize Committee:

The committee will convene on 2nd Floot, Room 14, to decide on the Student Prize winners.

18.10.2017, 11:09

CERN Visit:

A CERN visit is organized on Friday afternoon at the end of the conference.
If you have already registered for one of the tours, please make sure you’re in possession of a CERN visit ticket, otherwise ask at reception.
If you have not registered yet, please do so during the coffee break in the afternoon (registrations will end at 17h).

16.10.2017, 14:39


For Reviewers:

Papers have been assigned for reviewing for Monday and Tuesday.
A message has been sent from Richard Scrivens, saying which contributions we ask you to review.
This allows you to visit the poster or listen to the talk.
If you received nothing, it can be because you will be assigned papers for later in the conference.

For Poster Presenters:

You can upload a copy of you poster to the "Presentation Material" section of your contribution.
Click Here for instructions.

16.10.2017, 14:32

Paper Submission Deadline

Please remember that the paper submission deadline is 13 October.
For more information, click here.

12.10.2017, 12:40


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