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Abstract & Paper submission is now CLOSED.


The collection of abstracts and papers is organized in CERN’s INDICO website, all abstracts must be submitted before the deadline of 9 June 2017.


All invited papers will be published in an RSI Special Topics Section.
All contributed presentations and posters will have the opportunity to be published in a volume of AIP Publishing’s Conference Proceedings (CP).
While the final proceedings will be in a different publication than in previous years, the peer-review rigors will be maintained.
The submission deadline for papers is 13 October 2017, before the conference.
Information about the editorial procedure and advice to reviewers in pdf form.

For detailed instructions on the preparation and submission of papers, click here.


All presentations should be uploaded to INDICO with at latest a ½ day margin.
Speakers have to ensure that their presentations are compatible with Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 for Windows or PDF.
Any special content (video etc) will have to be embedded in the presentation (no separate files can be added).
For the presentations, the following will be available:

  • Windows 10 PC for the presentations (ppt or pdf)
  • A PC with a timer (displaying the remaining time).

Additionally, a rehearsal room with the same setup will also be available for the speakers (2nd floor, room 7).

For detailed instructions on the oral presentations, click here.


All approved abstracts requesting poster type presentation and those not selected for oral presentations will be added to the list of posters and assigned a date and a panel number.
In order to ensure contact between the referee and the presenter the author or a co-author should be present during the session.
The poster size is A0-portrait.
Similar to presentations, all posters are upload through INDICO in the "material" section. For detailed instructions, click here.

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