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The conference scientific programme consists of invited oral presentations, contributed oral presentations and contributed posters. There is a limit to the number of contributions to the conference, and authors are invited to submit abstracts on original and novel work to the conference, through CERN’s INDICO web site.  Invited oral presentations are proposed by the International Advisory Committee. More details on these categories are given below.

Oral Presentations

All oral invited or contributed presentations will be presented in the plenum, 15-20 invited contributions will be selected among the proposals from members of the IAC. ICIS17 expects to select somewhere in the range of 250 abstracts for consideration sorted in nine categories, 30-35 of which will be selected as contributed orals.

Selection Process - Invited

Each member of the IAC is asked to propose names and topics for invited oral contributions. From the list of proposed talks, the selection process should lead to a set of excellent speakers/writers capable of communicating to the whole of the community and of launching a session. The distribution of speakers for the invited talks has to be representative of our fields’ distributions (nations, gender, age, institute, conference topic) but also to the category proposed to the speaker.

  1. Overview presentation of a well-defined topic including outlook (< 5)
  2. Innovative results of very specific physics, simulation, device or technology (< 8)
  3. Status and outlook of a laboratory or a large project (< 3)

Members of the IAC, are asked to review the propositions by classifying the proposals as (Overview, New-results-R&D or Lab/Project-Status and to evaluate each of the following criteria: a) speaker’s presentation ability, b) suitability for a review, c) suitability for a status and c) level of innovation of the proposed topic.

The review data will be treated confidentially and will only be distributed to IAC members, LOC chair and SPC chair. According to distributions and ranking, a proposal will be submitted to the IAC with 4-5 reserve candidates.

Selection Process - Contributed oral presentations

All contributed papers are submitted for poster presentation, at the moment of submission the author can indicate to be considered for an oral presentation of their work.

Each SPC member will be invited to review all abstracts in up to three categories they are assigned, and for each abstract, the approval or rejection data must be fully completed and encompasses:

  • Approved / rejected
  • Rating for presentation (0-poor to 5-outstanding)
  • Modification required
  • Potential conflict of interest
  • Reason for rejection (out of conference scope, non-original content, unclear content)

The Programme Panel (PP: SPC chair, local SPC members, LOC chair and conference chair) is in charge of proposing the programme. The number of oral presentations, will be representative of the ratio of the categories of the originally submitted abstracts. The PP may adjust this part based on the similarity between orals (both invited and contributed). The final contributed orals will be selected by the PP based on rating, and also to give a fair distribution over the full conference of institute geographical distribution, age and gender of the presenters.

This final proposal for the programme will be communicated to the SPC and IAC, any final comments will be collected in a short time window, before the authors of accepted oral contributions are informed.

Contributed Posters

Abstracts submitted for poster presentation will pass through the same review process as for contributed orals, and the list will be merged with the abstracts not selected for oral presentation. If the number of approved abstracts exceeds the limit of the conference, a selection will be made based on the ratings given by the SPC, as well as the equitable distributions outlined in the selection of the oral programme.

Authors will be informed of the outcome of their submission well in advance of the conference.


All invited papers will be published in an RSI Special Topics Section.
All contributed presentations and posters will have the opportunity to be published in a volume of AIP Publishing’s Conference Proceedings (CP).

While the final proceedings will be in a different publication than in previous years, the peer-review rigors will be maintained. Find a link to the templates and the author check-list here. The submission deadline for papers is 13 October 2017, before the conference.
Some of the benefits of publishing in AIP Conference Proceedings are:

  •  Papers published in AIP Publishing CP will receive indexing in Scopus, Inspec, and Web of Science
  • Your CP papers will be gold Open Access
  • Each paper will have linked references
  • The papers will be processed quickly, in 6 – 8 weeks after submission to AIP Publishing
  • The group of CP papers will receive their own volume and landing page.

The submission avenue will be identified here within the next few weeks.

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