Welcome reception: CERN Globe of Science and Innovation

The welcome reception is organized CERN’s Globe of Science and Innovation, CERN Globe

The globe is located in front of CERN’s reception on the Meyrin site. The most efficient way to access is tram 18 at the terminus. (Getting to CERN)

CERN VenueGlobeMap

ICIS-17 Conference venue : CICG

The conference venue is the ”Centre International de Conférence de Genève” (CICG). CICG is located in the vicinity of the United Nation Organisation’s Geneva office and provides  the infrastructure support required for large international conferences.

Located at the entrance level, auditorium 2 hosts all oral presentation in plenum. At the same level, coffee breaks, poster exhibition and Exhibitor’s booth in a dedicated multi-purpose area.

Registration will be at the lobby on Monday and then in the 2nd floor room 14. (CICG virtual tour)
It is imperative that participants wear the badges handed out, to ensure access to the conference premises.


Vermont MapVermont Map

Conference outing

We propose Chamonix for the conference outing goal with three options:

  1. Cable car trip to the Aiguille du Midi at 3842m, with spectacular views from the rooftop of the Alps.
    A local guide will provide detailed information.
    Very strong winds may temporarily interrupt cable car operation, in which case option b) will be offered instead.
    The rapid climb to high altitude means there is no time to acclimatize to the altitude, which may induce headaches or mild altitude sickness.
    We recommend this option for participants in good physical health and not susceptible to a fear of heights or claustrophobia. (aiguille-du-midi)

  2. Visit the roots of Swiss cheesemaking; the medieval city of Gruyeres and its world-renowned cheese.
    You will enjoy a traditional cheese fondue, visit the medieval castle (est. 1270) and taste the famous cheese -"rebibes"- of the alps in l’Etivaz.
    You can expect a stunning view of vineyards and alpine roads. (chateau-doex)

  3. Walking tour through the village of Chamonix is synonym of very relaxing sightseeing within a vast variety of souvenirs in countless shops, or in its unique alpine museum (musee-alpin).

With this choices we must accept a limited meteorological risk in view of the stunning beauty of Western Europe’s highest summit and of the city of Chamonix, historical pioneer in climbing, mountaineering and … cosmic ray laboratory.

***Good shoes, watertight and warm clothing including gloves and hat are absolutely necessary. Sun glasses and UV protection cream are necessary even when the sun hides behind clouds.

Conference Banquet

The banquet will be held in the medieval castle of Chillon (more), at 18:00.
The arranged buses for the outing will transfer participants to the castle.
Once through the invitation control in the entrance, the participants can expect:

  1. A cloak room to be available, to switch from excursion clothing to Banquet dress code.
  2. A self-guided tour to the castle rooms and exhibitions. (18:00-19:00)
  3. Followed by a welcoming aperitif, to the sound of traditional Swiss folk music. (19:00-19:50)
  4. Then a conference picture. (19:50-20:00)
  5. And finally dinner will be served in the Chatelain’s and Aula Magna rooms. (20:00-22:00)

The menu aims to please all participants, including those with special dietary requirements -which are communicated during the registration process.

Chateau Chillon
Chateau Chillon Chateau Chilllon

CERN Visit

The CERN visit is planned to start right after the conference closure, on Friday afternoon, October 20th, and will last approximately three hours.
Conference buses will take the participants to points of general interest in the accelerator complex.
Due to access restrictions, participants will be divided into groups and will follow different visit itineraries.
Please note that while we will try to satisfy demands, the group/itinerary assignment will depend on availability, based on a first-come/first-serve basis.
Participants will be able to sign up for a visit group/itinerary:

  • on Sunday afternoon registration - welcome reception.
  • on Monday, during morning registration.

A few buses will be made available at the end of the tours (leaving at approximately 17h10) to take participants to the airport.

The different itineraries participant can sign up for, are the following: 

The different itineraries participant can sign up for, are the following:  

Route 1

Route 2

Route 3

Linac3 / LEIR

SM 18

Atlas Visitor Center

If necessary, a map of CERN can be found as webpage or as a mobile-app.

By taking part in the CERN visit, you agree to follow the visit rules.

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