Visit Rules

ICIS17 organizers consider safety of utmost importance. A detailed list of rules is available here, but what it boils down to, are the following basic instructions:

  1. Closed, flat or block-heeled shoes are required for all site visits; helmets will be provided when necessary.
  2. Cryogenic, Gas, Cooling, High Voltage, High Magnetic fields, Radioactivity, Fall, Trip, Slip, Damage of delicate equipment… A few hazards that can be avoided by:
  • Following the instructions of your guide at all times.
  • Staying in the areas marked for visitor access.
  • NOT touching the equipment.
  1. In case of alarm, follow the instructions given by your guide, to the nearest emergency exit.
  2. Please note that your guide may at any time refuse access by a participant to a given area if he deems that such access could compromise safety in any way.
  3. Participation in the visit is at the visitors’ own risk. Please take care of any equipment you may bring with you as you will remain fully responsible for its safety.

Please note that by taking part in the CERN visit, you agree to stick to the fore-mentioned rules.
Entry may be refused by a guide, in case of compromise of safety.
Visitors enter at their own risk and are responsible for the safety of their equipment.
We hope that you will enjoy your visit and shall be happy answer any questions you may have.



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